What is Reiki ?

- Rei which means “Spiritual” or “Universal Higher Power” and Ki which means “Life Force Energy” -


Reiki is a traditional, non-intrusive healing therapy, which promotes a healthy mind and a healthy body. The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning “Universal Energy”. Reiki is an effective healing technique that channels this Universal Energy to your body to help restore your wellbeing. The energy will flow to where it is needed in the body and, as a holistic therapy, Reiki transcends all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


How Can Reiki help me ?

Reiki works directly on any condition as it heals, harmonises and balances you. But you don’t need to have an illness or particular condition to feel the wonderful benefits of Reiki – it is an enjoyable, relaxing experience for all and you will feel rejuvenated afterwards. Reiki is a wonderful way to feel better naturally – by enabling your body to heal itself and, since it is completely natural, there are no side effects! Experience Reiki for yourself and enjoy the fantastic benefits!

The Benefits

There are so many benefits with Reiki including:

  • Enabling you to de-stress and relax
    Relieving pain
    Strengthening your immune system
    Promoting deep, peaceful sleep
    Rejuvenating your body
    Removing emotional trauma, often linked to depression



The 5 Principles of Reiki




What happens during a Reiki session ?

The person receiving Reiki simply lies down (or sits in a chair if this is more comfortable) fully clothed and relaxes. The Reiki Practitioner, Chanderika, will gently place her hands in a sequence of positions on the body in a non-intrusive manner. If you’d rather not be touched, don’t worry, it is still as effective if her hands are kept slightly above the body.

People experience different things while having Reiki. Some feel hot or cold, some feel a slight tingling sensation and many people become so relaxed they fall asleep! And some people do not experience any of these sensations – it does not matter – since Reiki is a completely personal experience, it will work in different ways for each person – depending on what is needed by the individual.

The first session starts with a brief consultation where we will discuss your individual needs, followed by 30-40 minutes of Reiki healing and brief consultation afterwards to discuss the different experiences you felt during the session.

To find out more about the amazing effects of Reiki, Contact Me


Where will my Reiki session be held?

ChandeReiki offers Reiki healing treatments in the heart of Reading town centre. Reiki sessions are available at the luxury spa Ayurveda Retreat, conveniently located on Friar Street, Reading. Or at the Support U centre on South Street, Reading .

If you would prefer to experience Reiki in your home, I do home visits and am more than happy to come to you so you can enjoy Reiki in the comfort of your own home.

I also do Distance Healing for clients who cannot come to Reading or who are abroad - they too have had wonderful benefits :)

How it works: We will have a brief consultation over the phone, then I will ask you to lie down and relax, and we will hang up the phone. This is followed by 30 minutes of distance Reiki healing – I channel the Universal Energy in the same way and send it to you, wherever you may be. Some people fall asleep in this time so we would arrange to have a short follow-up consultation the next day to discuss your experiences during the session.


Treatment Prices                                   

Special Introductory offer £30 - 1 hour treatment at either Ayurveda Retreat or Support U for a limited time only!

Only £25 for your first one-hour session for local* home visits (normal price £32)

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome

Evening and weekend appointments available – please contact me for further details

Cancellation policy: Please give 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or change your session. A full cancellation fee may be charged.

*Reading, Wokingham, Bracknell, Twyford, Crowthorne, Henley, Pangbourne and Burghfield. Treatments outside these areas are available, please  Contact Me

About ChandeReiki

- Our aim is to help you feel better, naturally.-











Chanderika Chouhan is a qualified Reiki Practitioner and member of the Reiki Guild. She herself suffered for 5 years with chronic back and neck pain before discovering Reiki. After experiencing the wonderful, pain-relieving effects of Reiki, she qualified as a practitioner so she could help others so they too could feel the fantastic benefits. She has since helped clients with a range of conditions: from back, shoulder and neck pain to stress, from IBS to asthma, from jaundice to period pains, from low energy to arthritis and many more!


Why Choose ChandeReiki ?


There are many Reiki Practitioners out there – some qualified and some not. Being a member of the Reiki Guild gives you the assurance that I have been vetted and approved by an internationally recognised body in the field of therapy, and I strictly follow their professional codes of conduct.

What’s more, I believe in making sure sessions are oriented around my client's needs, rather than around keeping to a 30 minute slot and stopping as soon as ‘your time is up’. If I feel more time is needed, I will continue. Each time we meet we will have a consultation to discuss how you are getting on and potential areas to focus treatment on. We will also have a discussion afterwards where you have the time to describe your experiences during your session – rather than having to rush out the door!

Most importantly, I believe in Holistic Healing in the true sense of the word. I look at various ways, in addition to Reiki, to get you feeling better – naturally of course! This includes teaching you specific yoga postures, meditation, mudras (yoga of the hands), breathing and relaxation techniques – all working together to stimulate your prana (or chi) energy bringing powerful benefits to your body and mind.

So book a session with ChandeReiki today and see for yourself how wonderful it is!


Tell a Friend



- People who have benefited from Reiki -


I would just like to say a BIG thank you for my Reiki session with you last week. Having never
experienced Reiki before, I was a bit reluctant to believe channeling this invisible energy would
have any effect, let alone positive.

I went in with a niggling backache which I had been suffering for 3 weeks, having overdone it
at the gym. To my surprise after just one hour with Chanderika, the lingering pain was Poof gone,
Vanished! Almost felt like a miracle happened on Thursday morning. An incredible first experience.

Mariam Akbar, Maidenhead


I have recently had a Reiki session with Chanderika and it left me very relaxed and calm. It was good to feel the benefits of the treatment and I recommend Chanderika to those looking at Reiki as a treatment. Chanderika was professional with a caring manner.

Kelly-Heading Reed, Maidenhead


I have been receiving Reiki treatment from Chanderika for the last three months. I have had pain in my shoulder from a torn tendon, arthritic pain in my knees and a corn on the sole of my foot. Amazingly, immediately after each Reiki session, the pain has disappeared in these areas.

Chanderika is amazing. She can even be "directed" to heal the areas I may not have mentioned to her-(stress related headache which was not mentioned but she was directed to that area and the pain went after that session). Each session leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to face the week ahead.

Miraculously, the pain in the corn has gone. I have reduced the amount of pain killers that I was taking as a result of reduced pain in my shoulder and knees.

I am so grateful I decided to start Reiki treatment and would recommend it highly for people who believe the body has power to heal itself. It's not a quick fix solution! I now believe the body does have the power to heal itself.

Bharti Dhir, Reading


I tried out a session of ChandeReiki, mostly out of curiosity more than anything. I had no preconceptions or expectations, which I think is often a good mind-set to have when trying something completely new. I don’t suffer with any physical pain, yet after the session I felt in a way I hadn’t felt before; the only way I can explain it is by saying that I felt an intangible feeling of movement of something(s) within me. Not very eloquently put, but it is how I felt :). With hindsight I understand that this was negative energy leaving me and positive energy being channelled into me.

So for that astonishing experience alone, I would absolutely recommend having a go – and simply seeing how it can work for you.

Tina Bhati, Reading


It was great to see you recently and have a Reiki session. I felt very relaxed afterwards, and the back pain has eased....really wonderful!! Thank you.

Rowena Phillips, Wokingham


I was a bit skeptical about reiki at first, because I thought I could meditate my stress away. I realised that meditation, although a powerful method was slow. Chanderika suggested reiki and I thought that I nothing to lose. The first session was excellent, I instantly felt lighter and a lot more positive. After the first session I found that there was no room in my mind for negativity with is amazing. Being positive makes the world a brighter place and helps spread positivity to others. I would definitely recommend reiki to everyone even if you feel like you are not stressed. There is nothing to lose, only to gain. Thanks again Chanderika :)

Ritu Bhatti, Reading


Thanks for the treatments Chanderika, I always feel very peaceful and grounded afterwards. I'm also
amazed at the little signs my body gives to show that it’s soaking up all that energy... Fascinating
stuff! My Mum really enjoyed her treatment too and it helped her symptoms. Will book in again...
Thanks. Claire x

Claire Bullock, Reading


I was recommended by a friend to try Reiki with Chanderika and I really enjoyed the session. It was really relaxing and I felt a lot of heat in places, which was quite surprising (in a good way!). It was a good clear out for me and a brilliant addition to my yoga and meditation practice. Chanderika herself was very calm and professional and really made me feel at ease from the moment she walked in. I've booked 3 more sessions and am in the process of trying to persuade an ankle injured friend to try it.... Thank you Chanderika, I look forward to the next session!

Sarah Rourke, Reading


Thanks for your help Chanderika. I felt so much better afterwards! Can't wait for our next session :) See you soon. PS: the 'mudra' (I hope I got that right?!) you showed me is amazing. It was easy to get into a routine after a few days.

Sayantanee Chakraborty, London


Hey Chanderika, just wanted to thank you for all our Reiki sessions! Not only has it really helped my shoulder (well totally helped it), the Reiki worked on all areas of my body. I found Reiki much more relaxing then a full body massage! Whats more all the 'extra's' you have provided have aided the process. The stretches and mudra's you gave me are still things I practice today and wasn't something I was expecting as part of the Reiki sessions with you.

You always give all your time and attention which made me feel comfortable and open to healing my body was receiving. Thank you and lets book in some more sessions as even though I have no specific pain, its my way of relaxing and letting the universe give my body all that it needs in this rat race called life! : ) .x.

Vini Bhatti, Reading


Had a lovely session yesterday - felt v relaxed...

Sharon Jhheent, Reading  


Thank you so much Chanderika! I have found Reiki a Godsend as I have had stomach problems for
20 years (in respect of my digestion, bloating and acidity). I've had many sleepless nights due to
the symptoms, but since I have had Reiki sessions my symptoms have greatly reduced and
I have undisturbed sleep!"

I find your manner very soothing and you always put me at ease. You truly have magic in your
hands!! The sessions are relaxing and at the end I feel completely different to how I felt at the start. I
notice the improvement in my symptoms immediately. I always look forward to my next session!

Kusum Chouhan, Reading


I had the best night's sleep in ages, and my body temperature is down and is helping my eczema. Also left me feeling very calm

Sue Nutley, Reading


Thank you for my Reiki session the other day it really helped and made me feel so relaxed :) x

Sarah Pike, Reading


I had a session of distance Reiki done by Chanderika. What was amazing was that I was feeling a
great deal of pain on my wrist due to a tendinitis that I have, during a whole week and one day
Chanderika did the distance Reiki, I remember sleeping painless that night and the next couple of
days. It was great! Thank you Chanderika for that.

Satya Patchineelam, Brasil


The power of healing is infinite

- Reiki   energy  is  as  limitless  as  the  Universe  itself -

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